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Hello there!

I define myself as a developer searching constant renew and recycling. I've been working for more than 13 years coding web projects to come alive. It’s not just a professional fact, it’s the passion to want to grow up at the same time as the web does.


R&D Engineer (currently since april 2016)

Telefonica R&D has been in the business for more than 20 years leading in innovation with efficient solutions. I’m currently part of one of those projects implementing new ways to communicate, it’s called TU and it’s an application that entirely mimics your phone over a WiFi connection. I’m a member of the web client team that is offering all the entire features through your desktop browsers.


Senior Front-End Engineer (since november 2015 till april 2016)

Suntransfers is an online travel agency focused in quality transfers, they wanted to refresh their web while expanding to new products. Contributed to the new architecture and web structure, including components and generic services for API interaction, main test-deploy tasks with Node, Gulp & Bower. Our workflow was based on Agile and CI and our tools were Github, JIRA and Jenkins.


Lead Front-End Engineer (since february 2013 till november 2014)

Ofertia is a mobile and web application to visualize brand and retailer brochures. It introduces the concept of search online, purchase offline. I maintained and developed the main front-end projects as the web, an internal tool for Brochure Analytics and a complete new tool for viewing brochures completely in JS with a real MVC concept similar to Backbone or AngularJS.


Software Developer (since november 2011 till november 2012)

LocalNomad is an online platform for booking apartments established in 2004. They offer worldwide properties for a mid-high class target. I was involved in the development of the new platform, mainly focused to restructure the whole system, doing a light PHP Framework to serve all the front as well as some serious front-end MVC implementations in JS to render the whole page.


PHP Developer (since july 2011 till november 2011)

LetsBonus is a coupon/outlet page, winner of e-Commerce Award at 2011. It is one of the most important coupon sites in Spain and part of the worldwide LivingSocial Group. I developed part of a new back-end written in PHP+ExtJS, made improvements to the payment system method (API, Back and Front level) and also, I was responsible of all front-end architecture (MVC in JS + templating) related with a new launch involving geolocated products.


R&D Developer (since september 2009 till june 2010)

eyeOS was the very first cloud platform based on a contributed and web operating system. It has been one of the most notorius startups in Spain acquired some years ago by Telefonica. I was part of the team that did the web applications for the first eyeOS 2.x at the Research Department, focusing specially on the implementation of a complete desktop web interface as well as some of the main apps for its use as the File Explorer, Desktop Manager or Excel.