something about you, something about me

the page & the blog

This website emerges to recover an illusion, to evolve and to group all the things that make me the way I am. It has part of me, written down in words. Those don’t pretend to be better or worst than other, they’re just different, mine. It’s my vision, you can share it or not, i don’t pretend to be a teacher for nobody as this is a personal website, and it should be treated as that. Everything, or almost, that i feel or think it will be here. What I did. What it moves me. What I live.

me & myself

Sincere, observer, impulsive, direct, sensitive, stubborn, creative, ironic, shy, spontaneous, innocent, adventurous, utopian and dreamer. I like to be free, to experiment and to try. To get wrong. To fall and to rise. To get right. To taste and enjoy. Barcelona Citizen. Guitar and piano player. Proud amateur photographer. Obsessive reader and writer. Occasional computer modder. Ninja Coffee Drinker. Chocolate addict.